How To Change Faiba 4G Mifi SSID And Password

How To Change Faiba Mifi Password – Steps To Reset Faiba MiFi Password

In today’s password reset guide, we shall walk you through the simple procedure on how to change Faiba 4G Mifi SSID and password.

Do you want to change your Faiba MiFi password? Then we have this quick guide for you.

Browsing under secured Wi-Fi is important as an unauthorized person will not be able to access your data.

To secure your MiFi, start by setting a strong password, and thus you need to know how to change Faiba 4G Mifi SSID and Password.

What You Need To Know Before Changing Your Password

It is easy to change your Faiba MiFi password as there is no technical knowledge required.

Depending on where you buy your Faiba Mifi, they may help you set the SSID and password.

But it’s a rare case, so it is up to you to reset and set a personalized SSID and password.

It is important for safety reasons to change the SSID and password to prevent piggybacking and other forms of hacking.

How To Manually Change Faiba 4g Mifi Password And SSID

The set on changing your Faiba 4G Mifi SSID and password is to rest it. It is easy to reset the password.

Here are the basic steps you must follow to reset your Faiba 4G Mifi:

1.Press both the power and WPS button at the same time for around 20 seconds

2. You’ll notice the LED light will turn on, keep pressing the buttons until the light turns off.

3. Release the buttons

4. After releasing, the light will turn on, and your MiFi has been factory reset.

5. Now, you can only log in using the login credentials that come in the MiFi.

The login details are under the MiFi battery or on the sticker on its back cover.

However, this method is limited as you can only use the password which came with the MiFi.

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How To Change Faiba 4g Mifi Password Online

The second way to reset Faiba 4G SSID and password is through login to the Mifi admin panel.

Below are the steps you must follow, if you want to change your Faiba 4G Mifi SSID and password:

1. Connect the Mifi Wi-Fi to PC or laptop

2. Open the pc or laptop browser.

3. On the search bar, enter and click the enter button.

4. You’ll be directed to the MIFI interface and required to enter admin login credentials.

5. On the username, enter admin and password admin.

6. Click the login button

7. After logging in, go to the settings on the left.

8. On the left panel of the web page, go to Settings.

9. You’ll find the SSID Configuration option (Network Name (SSID)).

Here is where you enter the name you would like to use as your WI-FI username.

Enter the name and click enable.

10. Next, choose encryption security for your Wi-Fi network. Select WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK option

11. Next is to set your WI-FI password. Ensure you set a password that is not easy to guess, including lower and upper cases and letters.

12. Click on the Next button to move to the next page.

13. You will be directed to the next page where you confirm the new set login credentials of your Faiba MiFi.

You can click the display button to view them, then click apply.

14. After clicking the apply button, they will be effective immediately. Your computer will be disconnected automatically and prompted to enter the new set password. SO enter your new password to log in.

That is how to change Faiba 4G MiFi SSID and password. We hope this guide has been helpful to you.

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