How to Reset India Post Agent Password

India Post Agent Password Reset – Change India Post Password

Are you worried because you are an Indian post agent who wants to recover or reset your password? Worry not. In this guide, we will share with you how to reset India Post Agent Password.

This article is going to help you recover or reset your post agent password in an easy manner. It is only going to take you a few minutes and you will be done. 

Securing your portal as an agent at Indian post is very important; this will shield you from so many cyber insecurities and any other kind of harassment caused by those having your password.

It is only going to take you a maximum of five minutes and even before you are done, you would have finished resetting your Indian postal agent password.

Just before we get to the actual procedure, let’s ensure you have everything needed with you.

Requirements For India Post Agent Password Reset

  • Laptop/tablet/smartphone.
  • Good internet connection.
  • User login email ID.

Ensure you are logged into the user email ID that was used during account registration.

This will give you an easy time at one stage of the India post password reset procedure.

With that in position, we can now get to the actual procedure.

How To Reset India Post Agent Password 

As I said earlier, it’s not going to take you four minutes before you get done with resetting your password.

Step 1: Visit India post official login website.

Go to the login page for India post agent.

Step 2: Click on forgot password.

This process is going to be helpful to both those who want to recover their forgotten password and those that wish to reset their current one.

Step 3: Enter your email ID.

Ensure that the email ID you are providing is accurate. It must be the same email that was used during account creation.

Confirm the email ID one more time.

The system will send a link to the email ID you provided to aid you to reset your agent’s postal password.

Step 4: Check your email.

Since you had logged into your email during preparation, just check if you have received an email from the support team.

Step 5: Click on the link provided.

After confirming you have received an email, you can now click on the link and a new tab will load.

Step 6: Go to my setting.

After clicking on the link above, you will be granted access to your India post agents’ portal, to the settings. Click on change my password.

Step 7: Enter your new email.

This is the very last step; you can now enter your new password. Confirm it one more time to ensure it the password you intended. 

That is it! Only six simple steps.

India Post Help Center 

In case you experience any technicalities, that is when you can ask for help using:

Call: (1-800-275-8777)


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