How to Reset HKU University Password

HKU Portal Password Reset, Steps To Change Student Login Password

The University of Hong Kong is the best in China, with a population of over 27,000 students. Each student at this university has a student portal where he or she can monitor educational progress. Sometimes you may forget your password and need to recover it, so in this guide, we will share how to reset HKU portal password reset.

It is, therefore, very important as a student of HKU to ensure that your portal is secure. Many incidents of misuse of other portals have been registered.

To avoid such cases, you, therefore, need to secure your student’s portal password.

Changing your password to a secure one will prevent your privacy from being exploited by others. 

The main purpose of this article is to show you how you are going to reset your password or recover it when you have forgotten.

The process that is going to outline here can be used by both the two: Those recovering their password, those who are resetting.

It is one of the simplest procedures and can not take you even five minutes before you are done.

Let us put all the requirements with us ready so that we can move swiftly.

Requirements For HKU Student Portal Password Reset

You only require some three things, and you will be good to go. They include; 

  • Laptop/tablet/smartphone.
  • Good internet connection.
  • Email.
  • Students/staff number.
  • Username.

Ensure you log in to your email before you start on the actual process. This will make you move faster whenever you need to use it.

Also, ensure the email is valid. It is used during account creation.

How To Reset HKU Portal Password 

As I said earlier, the entire process is very simple and clear. It will not take you five minutes before your new password is in order.

Step 1: Visit the HKU login website.

Ensure you visit the official website for HKU to log in. And to save you the trouble, I have it all prepared for you.

Simply click on, and you will be good to go.

Step 2: Click on forgot password.

Since we want to reset or recover your password, you need to click on forgot your password and enter the relevant details.

Step 3: Enter your account name and student/staff number.

Ensure you enter a valid username that was used during account creation and a correct student or staff number for you to be cognized.

Click on submit.

Step 4: Check your email.

Ensure you have received an email with a link that will guide you further on how you are going to reset your password.

Step 5: Click on the link.

Click on the link on your email to get to the very last step of our procedure.

Step 6: Enter your new password.

Ensure you enter a strong eight-character password that is memorable.

Then, confirm it one more time to ensure it’s the intended one.

Click on save. 

As simple as that, you will have recovered your password, or you will be done with resetting it.

HKU Student Help Desk

In case you encounter any difficulties, you can reach out to the IT department and ask for help using either of the following.



Call: 3917 5122

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